“The race doesn’t go to the stronger or faster, but rather the one who thinks he can.”

-Evelyn Dana Hipple (My Grandmother)

Many of the most powerful, influential, and impactful individuals in our society are women.

Women, like the military, are a staple of the greatest nation in the history of the world. They are, in my opinion, the reason we recovered from the Great Depression. Working in the factories, they produced the goods that American soldiers needed to stand against the Fascist policies of Mussolini and Hitler in Europe.

However, even though women played a significant role in saving us from the Great Depression, they still do not receive equal pay for equal work. Though we will not advocate for socialist policies to fix this problem, we will call on all employers to be morally correct and stand with us for equal opportunities and equal pay for men and women that do the same work. I will use my voice to stand up for the women of the Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

That being said, I fully respect women who forgo a higher paying job, or any job outside the home, in favor of caring for the next generation. Stay-at-home moms are a great example of this and are very important to our current society.

Teaching is an example of a profession that pays less than normal because it is predominantly women. I believe that teachers are one of the most undervalued groups in our society. They have great influence on the next generation and deserve to be compensated fairly.

If you, too, believe in equal pay for equal work, then vote for Thomas W. Brown Jr. With your help, I will make changes that will positively affect your daughters and granddaughters.

“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.

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