“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

-Thomas Jefferson


Why are guns important? Guns are important for many reasons including:

1) They give the people a voice and allow us to retain our voice.

2) They were required for our founding and without them, we have no chance to stand against a tyrannical Government.

3) If this right is taken out of the Bill of Rights, what is next? What other rights would the government then be able to take?

  • Thomas W. Brown, Jr. is a member of the NRA and has a concealed carry permit.
  • Thomas W. Brown, Jr. was taught to shoot a gun by a career policeman and understands the value and care that should be taken while handling a gun.

The horrific events that have occurred are not due to the person, not due to video games, but rather due to the media and “Target Zones!”

I use the word “target zones” for one reason. The “gun-free zones” are where these shootings keep happening! Are you going to go to a gun-range or “gun-free movie theater” if you are planning an attack?

The type of gun makes no difference. One could buy two pistols and do as much, if not more, damage to a crowd in one single shooting spree. Because the media gives so much coverage to these mass murders, ideas are planted in the minds of depressed or unstable individuals. One cannot say this is causation, but from a simple correlation standpoint, as the media has increased gun violence coverage, mass shootings have increased significantly, especially in states with the most stringent gun laws. Yes, a few outliers do exist in pro-second amendment states, but these are much more rare. In my opinion, the media is the problem!

History of gun control

The main reason I am so pro-gun is because of history, which the populace seems to forget. History shows that disarmament allowed Lenin (U.S.S.R, 1929), Hitler (Germany, 1938), Mao (China,1935), Castro (Cuba, the 1960s), Pol Pot (Cambodia, the French had already disarmed the nation), and Maduro (VENEZUELA, 2013) to kill hundreds of thousands to millions of people that could not defend themselves.

The dates above are the dates those governments instituted gun control!

Many say this could never happen in a civilized nation, such as our own. Once again, if you revisit history, Russia and Germany were both civilized nations and some of the most powerful nations in the world at the time these policies went into effect. Germany had just lost a war and Russia had overthrown its tsar, but who is to say that this could not happen in America, given the right circumstances?

“Red Flag laws” are a terrifying step by the government to take power out of the hands of the people and the police and give it to the government. This is unconstitutional and will not be tolerated when I am in Congress! Taking away guns takes away the true power of the people. The power that founded this nation. The power that allows us to keep all other rights. I, Thomas W. Brown Jr., will always advocate for you and ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS!

My AR-15

“They will not take my AR-15! Send me to D.C. and I will stand up for the 2nd Amendment, because without this right all of the others are pointless. The true power of the people lies in the 2nd amendment, as we have seen throughout history.”

Thomas W. Brown Jr.

Socialist Gun Control and America

The disarmament of the American populace is a frightening step toward socialism, because socialist leaders want citizens to have complete dependence on the government. Socialism can result in nations either dissolving to a capitalistic state or running full force to communism. As shown above, the interim period is not good for the populace. Once their socialistic policies are instituted, the people become upset and either revolt to capitalism or are suppressed by the tyrannical socialist government. It is much easier to suppress a nation that has no arms. These citizens have no chance to stand up for their other rights. This is the major reason why the founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment, which states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, shall not be infringed.” If our founders had no way to stand up for their rights, our nation would not exist.

The reason that the “ideal” concept of socialism does not work is that it advocates that production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Due to the fallen human nature of man and his propensity to sin (i.e. Greed ), this is unnatural and will never work. This fact has been proven over and over in the course of history. According to Marx, socialism is “a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism (1, 2).”

America’s resilience against socialism is primarily due to its citizens. We have had concerned citizens, like JFK, who stood up against the socialist agenda. Many of the socialist left claim JFK, but if one examines many of JFK’s policies, they are not socialist but rather the opposite, in many instances. For one, JFK was wholeheartedly against raising taxes. He actually proposed legislation to decrease them, which was passed by his successor. I, Thomas W. Brown Jr., agree with JFK and our current president in regard to taxation.

The people, the Constitution, and our history are what make America the greatest nation in the world. The fact that the American people can elect a political outsider to the most powerful office in the world is just one facet of our independent nature. His election has allowed Trump to guide our country into the future and stand for all of our rights, especially our gun rights, while significantly decreasing regulations that hinder our economy.

If we intend to keep this trend going, we will need to elect more political outsiders. We will claim the party of the youth when the youngest sitting Congressman is a Constitutional Republican from the 2nd Congressional District of Alabama. We will prove to America that you do not need tremendous funds to win a seat in Congress. As a conservative voice, I will take our values to D.C. The question is: “Will you afford me the opportunity?”

Military and Police

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“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.

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