“There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.”

-George Washington

Why I am for the military

Being from Dothan Alabama and the grandson of a U.S. Naval submarine captain, I, Thomas William Brown Jr., understand the impact that the military has on our ability to function as a nation. Living 10 minutes from Ft. Rucker, I am aware of the role the armed forces play in protecting our nation. I believe that the military is the bedrock of American society and needs to be sufficiently funded so they are able to guard our freedoms.

As the representative of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, I would advocate for Ft. Rucker. I believe it needs freeway access to increase its value to the nation. We need to maintain the funding necessary to continue the training of pilots that are then deployed around the world to protect us and our interests.

I believe, much like our president, that space is the future, I would advocate for a “space force” because I think that whoever controls this domain will have significant power in the future. When I’m elected, I will not forget Maxwell-Gunter Air Force base, which would be an excellent location for support of the Space Force project. This would require an increase in funding and personnel which would help the local economy of Montgomery.

Whether or not the space force support project is housed there, Maxwell Air Force Base is a vital part of our defense and needs to be funded appropriately. As the headquarters of Air Education and Training Command, the professional training and development programs here are invaluable to our nation. As your representative, I will retain funds for these vital military aspects in and around the Montgomery area.

These are just a few ideas. If you have any others, I would like to hear them. Contact us at thomaswbrownjr.changetheworld@gmail.com.

We must remain the most powerful nation in the world, as we have for the last 100 years. This requires a strong military. I believe that more educational benefits and better retirement plans would enthuse the great minds of the next generation into a military career. We must believe in our military and fund them because they are the people who will protect us going into the future?

The VA and caring for our soldiers: past and present

We will advocate for facilities and staffing for regional VA hospitals in Alabama’s Second Congressional District. The VA is a significant benefit for military servicemen. My grandfather, who is a veteran, has informed me that changes now allow the patient more autonomy when it comes to patient care, but we can do much more. Many of our VA hospitals are currently understaffed and need additional funding to provide the care our veterans deserve for putting their lives on the line for us.


Our police force also needs our support. They are the primary regulator of our nation. They are, however, becoming increasingly controlled by the federal government, which increases the power of the federal government. Once again, history shows that when a government obtains a majority of the power, it does not end well for the citizens. Look at Cuba, only 103 miles south of Florida, where Fidel Castro had the government seize the citizens’ weapons–the true power of the people! He started his dictatorship in this manner, as did Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Mussolini, and Maduro.

I have been informed by many police officers that federal regulations are hindering their ability to function adequately. For example, they have over 500 rules that must be followed, causing them to spend more time on paperwork and less time serving and protecting you. These regulations are a result of the media’s predilection to rash judgment and finger-pointing in outlier cases, which get enormous publicity. In some instances, horrific and racist acts do occur, but in aggregate, this is not the case. There are laws to take care of such actions, when and if they happen.

We need to stand with the people in Blue because the left is trying to take away the local governments’ power, centralizing it under the federal government. I will not stand for this.


For information on guns click this link, The Second Amendment.

“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.

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