“Vote for me or don’t, but VOTE! They tell me I am too honest to be a politician, but I think a lack of transparency is a problem that we have in politics today. Throughout my campaign, I plan to tell you where I stand on every major issue, because that is the type of person that I am. I do not intend to change my morals and values in order to get elected.”

– Thomas W. Brown Jr.

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”

– Honest Abe

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Our Mission

Created in August!

Today, the U.S. needs the next generation to stand against the socialist agenda of Cortez and company. We must redefine the “Grand Old Party” as a party of the youth, a party of the women, a party for all. A party that holds true to the specific conservative practice of capitalism. A party of equal opportunity that embraces every individual in society, including all ethnicities and all age groups. A party that understands the difference between equal opportunity and equality.

We must stand for the next generation. We must place young people in office who, though young, believe they can make a difference. This is why I have decided to stand up for what I believe in, for you the populace of the greatest state in the greatest country in the history of the world.

You, your children, and your grandchildren will be impacted by the policies instituted in D.C. today! Debt and healthcare are by far the biggest issues we face as a nation, so we need someone with a unique skill set to deal with these issues. As a mathematician, biologist and statistician, I have decided to take a stand. Together, we can make a difference. The voters of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District must show up in large numbers to the primary polls on March 3.

The next generation of conservatives are here to stay, here to make a difference, and here to impact the future. Do you want to be part of making history? Do you want to help me unite a nation? Do you want to take our Christian values back to D.C.? Because I do!

Below I have outlined my major campaign issues. Look them over! All of my stances on issues can be found in the tabs above. I am seeking this office because I believe in this country, I believe that I can make a difference for you, and I trust in God’s will.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer, or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our responsibility for the future.”


Major Issues

Debt: why do we need to worry?

As a mathematician, I recognize that we need to deal with our national and personal debt or it will lead to dire consequences for the next generation. I am running because I believe I can prevent this from happening. If we continue down the current trend, I foresee something occurring on the level of the Great Depression for my generation. I do not want to experience what is happening in Venezuela or what happened here 90 years ago! Do you?

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Military and Police

We must respect our brave individuals, who are willing to give their lives to protect our Constitutional rights in the world. They protect us from foreign and domestic terrorism. The U.S. Military is the bedrock of this nation!

We must advocate against the overreaching policies the federal government has begun to use to overregulate our local policemen.

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As a biologist, I have spent many years studying the cell and underlying mechanisms that cause disease. As the son of a doctor who always puts his patients’ interests first, I advocate for ideas that allow for the quality of patient care to be the best in the world. I will advocate for free-market healthcare which will increase competition and will allow for better advancements and treatments for you, your children, and your grandchildren.

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Why I decided to run

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

I, Thomas W. Brown Jr., have decided to run for the House of Representatives because current politicians in D.C. have not passed legislation that has my generation’s best interest in mind. As a young concerned citizen, I know that I can make a difference. I believe that our founding fathers placed the age limit at 25 for a reason. Many of them believed that it should have been 21. Thomas Lynch, Jr. and Edward Rutledge signed the Declaration of Independence at 26 and Jonathan Dayton was also 26 when he signed his name to our Constitution (1). I believe that the founders placed the age limit at 25 because they knew that the youth deserved a voice in our government. Today, we need an educated conservative youth to stand against the socialist youth in D.C.

I care about you and will not be corrupted by the bureaucrats in D.C. I have no dependents and will be able to focus on fixing the problems of today while uniting a nation under God.

“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.




Contact options

For all other general inquiries, contact us at thomaswbrownjr.forcongress@gmail.com.

Also, contact us with the most worrisome policies you see today at thomaswbrownjr.changetheworld@gmail.com.

If you want to volunteer, contact us at thomaswbrownjr.volunteer@gmail.com.

Next Steps…

Cast your vote in favor of whomever you believe will best represent you and the interest of God. If you support me, share my videos and this website with your friends. Please come out and vote in the Second Congressional District’s Republican Primary on March 3. Donations and volunteers are welcome. Click the button below for more information.


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