“Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of a socialist state.”

Validmer Lenin

Socialism is not the Answer!

As stated above, Lenin thought that socialized medicine was the keystone of a socialist state! The fact is that countries that have socialized medicine have sub-par care and patients suffer because of these policies. One reason for this is that qualified people, who would traditionally go into this field, tend to shy away from it because their autonomy to make decisions about patient care is taken from them by the government. Another reason is that treatment is often delayed because of governmental bureaucracy. The lack of competition in the marketplace also contributes to increased wait times, which puts patients’ health at further risk.

We, as the next generation, will have to deal with the implications of Obamacare. We must replace a majority of this legislation with a better alternative that has everyone’s health in mind, regardless of Socioeconomic Status (SES), but also returns freedom to the marketplace.

I have done extensive research on this topic and studies show that socialized medicine is more classist than free-market medicine. Currently, in countries that fully practice socialized medicine, only the wealthy receive high-quality care because they can afford to leave their country for treatment in favor of a nearby country that offers better care. The lower SES individuals are covered, but their access to care is often delayed and at a lower standard.

We need to make a stand for the patient, not the drug or insurance companies.

I, Thomas W. Brown, Jr., want to work for you! I want to help you. I want to represent you. As the son of an oncologist, I understand the frustration that patients experience when their doctors cannot get orders for care approved by insurance companies. This is often due to the bureaucratic medical process that is influenced by insurance and drug companies, whose only concern is making a profit. Many times this comes at the expense of human life. This is one reason that I have decided to run for this office. I recognize that the policies created in D.C. influence the quality of medical care in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. Your children and grandchildren will be impacted by these policies, both medically and economically.

We have a choice to make. I care about the next generation. Do you?

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