Why did I decide to run?

I decided to run because I believe in your children and grandchildren. I also believe in my generation and am very concerned about the current political climate. For more information about my beliefs and motivation, view HOME and FAITH.

How do I volunteer/donate?

Can I make a difference?

Of course, you can make a difference! One way is to vote your heart on March 3! We, as the populace of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, can change this nation for the better.

“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.

Does Thomas W. Brown Jr. care about winning?

If I win, then I win. If I lose, God put who He wanted in the office. Always trust in God no matter what!

How can I help the campaign/cause?

You can help the campaign/cause by voting in the primary on March 3, by sharing the videos you like on Facebook, and by telling your friends about this website and my YouTube channel. I need your help to win this election!

In addition, because I want to represent you and your interests, I would like to know what you believe are our country’s biggest issues today. We are open to suggestions on how they can be resolved. Contact me at thomaswbrownjr.changetheworld@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas. You can also comment on the blogs link blog. Civil debates and free speech lead to needed changes in policies and practice.

Where do I send donations?

You can send donations or any thoughts on what needs to be done in D.C., to the following: P.O. Box 395, Newton, AL 36352 . We look forward to hearing from you.

Where can I find major stances and views?

Most of my stances can be found on this website, but for more information, visit my YouTube channel or Facebook page.



Is my input important?

Yes, my team and I will read all the emails we receive. We want to represent you, our constituents. When controversial votes must be cast, I will listen to your input, pray about the issue, and vote my heart.