“Scientia Potenta est” means “Knowledge is power”

Sir Francis Bacon


“With the exponential increase in technology, we must not let our education system fall behind. We must use this technology to allow the individuals to progress at their own rate.”

– Thomas W. Brown Jr.

We must lead the next generation with forward-thinking policies that take advantage of everything we have at our disposal. We are for equal opportunities for every individual in society who is willing to work. We will represent all ethnicities and will advocate for better education in all classrooms of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

We must use technology to our advantage to catch up and surpass the rest of the United States in education. I believe that students in Alabama can become some of the best educated. I will suggest some policies and advocate for their funding in D.C. One idea is allowing classrooms to differentiate learning, allowing students to progress at their own pace. This wouldn’t replace teachers, but rather give them a new tool to better help our students achieve their best potential. Because I am a digital native, I understand the technology and its usefulness, which is evident by the website I created.

I want to make a difference in advancing education while still delegating the day-to-day decisions to the local and state governments. My experience with technology gives me a unique insight into ways technology can be used to improve education in our state.

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Click on either link below to access the full complement of my videos and stances. I have many other videos, ranging from “Why I am running” to “Educational content” that I believe everyone should be armed with today.



Next Steps…

Cast your vote in favor of whomever you believe will best represent you and the interest of God. If you support me, share my videos and this website with your friends. Please come out and vote in the Second Congressional District’s Republican Primary on March 3. Donations and volunteers are welcome. Click the button below for more information.