“The race doesn’t go to the stronger or faster, but rather the one who thinks he can.”

Evelyn Dana Hipple (My Grandmother)

My Story

Like many of you, I grew up in Alabama. I went to Providence Christian School in Dothan where I attended chapel every Wednesday and learned the Bible on a deeper level. I also had the opportunity to become a practiced speaker through rhetoric courses. After high school, I attended the University of Alabama for my undergraduate education, where I double-majored in biology and mathematics with a concentration in statistics. I am a numbers guy, the son of a doctor, the grandson of a Navy submarine captain, and the great-grandson of an employee of Orville Wright. My school, my family, and Alabama’s values have helped to shape me into the individual I am today.

I, Thomas W. Brown Jr., have been very interested in politics all of my life. I have written a thesis on healthcare policies and their implications. When visiting Germany, I observed the stark difference that communism made when comparing East and West Berlin thirty years after the wall came down. This summer, as I stood on the speaker’s balcony in D.C., I began to realize the impact that I could have on society by running for office. I believe that with your help, we can pass policies that will improve healthcare and protect our conservative values.

We are the next generation of leaders and policymakers. The major reason I have decided to run as a youth is that we lack representation in Congress even though the policies instituted in D.C. today will impact us the most. The Left tries to claim they are the party of the youth. Let us prove that this is not the case by electing the youngest Republican in the last 100 years to Congress as your representative of the Second District of Alabama. Help me define the Republican Party as the party of the youth, the party of the women, and the party for all. A party that holds true to the capitalistic policies that this country was founded on and a party that welcomes all ethnicities, genders, and age groups. I, as a concerned conservative youth, believe in the future of this country, do you?


Education: Providence Christian School

Education: Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics with a concentration in statistics

Vocation: Statistical modeling and Data Analyst – specifically concerning medical treatments and therapies.

My Family

Son of an oncologist and nurse

Brother to three sisters

Grandson of a Naval Academy graduate, submarine captain, and Ph.D.

Grandson to an employee of the U.S. embassy in Helsinki

Grandson of a worker on the Manhattan Project, businessman, and nuclear plant inspector

Great-grandson to an employee of Orville Wright in Dayton, Ohio

More about my family

I am the son of an oncologist who worked tireless hours to help prolong his patients’ lives, if not place them in remission. I have spent most of my childhood surrounded by four women, all of whom are strong in their own right. These factors have combined to substantially influence who I am today.

My oldest sister is currently working in Colorado furthering her career as a producer. She is by far one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. Her work ethic and independence is a direct influence of growing up in our home in south Alabama.

Like me, my younger sister, Leana, believes in herself and our great nation. She will be one of my closest advisors in D.C. She is a woman who has finished an economics degree in three years, then achieved a master’s in corporate finance in one year, and is currently in law school in Nebraska. I know without a doubt that she will make a huge difference in the future of America.

My youngest sister, Katie, has the most fight of anyone I know. While at the University of Kentucky, she has become an advocate for equal opportunity for all people and animals. She will find some way to have a huge impact on the future. As an animal lover, she will help me decide what is right and wrong concerning the treatment of animals in our society. I know Katie will raise a great family someday and her children and grandchildren will be influenced by the policies instituted today.

The woman that raised me is by far the strongest individual I have ever met. Mom was born in Hawaii, the daughter of a submarine captain. At the age of six, her mother relocated to Oregon and continued to raise her in a single-parent home. When Mom was 21, her mother passed away and she moved in with her father in Galveston, Texas. There, she met my father, who married her and moved her to Dothan. While raising my sisters and me, who were all born within five years, my Mom still found time to help others. She has been involved in Zonta and Chrysalis my entire life. She has also donated funds to many projects in the Dothan Area. She supported Congresswoman Roby in her quest to become the first female representative of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. She was also integrally involved in Dothan theater.

“Change the World and Trust in God”

-Thomas W. Brown Jr.

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Next Steps…

Cast your vote in favor of whomever you believe will best represent you and the interest of God. If you support me, share my videos and this website with your friends. Please come out and vote in the Second Congressional District’s Republican Primary on March 3. Donations and volunteers are welcome. Click the button below for more information.